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Ever priced a one way rental car? If you haven’t, trust us, they’re ridiculously expensive — and that’s a problem for most efficiently organizing your travel time to fly into one city and leave from another, isn’t it?

Well, whilst we were going over options for our upcoming Australia expedition, we stumbled across a site that just might be able to help you with that:



What is Transfercar?
Transfercar is a service that helps rental car companies to transfer cars between their branches, while offering a way for travellers to travel for free. Here you can search or browse rental cars and RV’s needing to be transferred from some of the major U.S. and Canadian rental car companies. In return you will be helping the rental companies reduce their freight costs and reducing the number of trucks on the road.

How can the rental cars be free?

Rental car companies are spending large amounts of money on transferring cars between their branches, in order to position their fleet for new hires. They can either use expensive trucks or trains or they can let you drive it for free. The rental operators win, you win.

Have a look at the cars you can choose from right now!

Now there’s one for a handy bookmark, amirite? Just look for the site for the country you’re heading to, and check out what they have on offer — there’s savings on the order of several to many hundreds available, which at least to us is enough to arrange our vacation to fit!

The link above is the US/Canadian site, as that’s where most of you Dear Readers are from, but if you’re interested in Australia like us, the Australian version is here — and we found a couple other sites as well that list relocating vehicles:

DriveNow One Way Campervan Hire Relocation
Jucy Relocations


p dir=”ltr”>So keep those relocation sites bookmarked for planning your budget expeditions!

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