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As you have no doubt noticed, we use DreamPress-hosted WordPress for this blog, and that’s the setup we’d recommend to anyone actively trying to monetize their blog; however, it is a bit of an investment if you’re just starting out. So, today, let’s look at some other alternatives!

If you’re fairly sure you want to go the self-hosted WordPress route eventually, then signing up with WordPress.com for a free blog is always a good choice, as you can migrate all your content … with a little luck. Or, if you really like being tied to Google, there’s Blogger.com which our Featured Blog this week has done not too shabbily with.

There’s no shortage of platforms specifically aimed at travelers though: here’s an article that discusses

5 Travel Blogging Platforms to Document Your Adventures

and we’ve noticed a couple others ourselves lately, so let’s take a quick look, in alphabetical order, shall we?


At Atameo we are building a place where breathtaking travel adventures from around the world find a home. We want to help people tell their stories in their own way: With photos, maps, videos, music and memories. We want to inspire people to travel the world and explore the furthest corners of our planet.

Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or you still planning the trip of a lifetime, Atameo will offer you a place to store your favorite memories and learn from the experiences of others. Creating an account takes only 30 seconds. Join a community of travellers, explorers, wanderers and artists.

Looks like a straightforward trip builder, and hey it’s free!

 IQ Planner

IQPlanner is a catalogue of exciting travel adventures and a travel planner, that allows to build a perfect vacation from scratch. It helps easily find thrilling adventures, submitted by famous bloggers, travel photographers and travelers, and use their experience to make your own travel plan. 

You can also create your own adventure from scratch and keep it for the future, share it with your friends or even get paid for it. IQPlanner offers intuitive tools that enable you to plan a trip even when you don’t have all the information. You can say that it’s the first travel constructor.

Not completely unlike Atameo, but that “even get paid for it” is an interesting twist; they’ll share commissions with you from bookings made from your itineraries, it appears. Also free!


Create your own story with Journo! From classic journal writing to travel maps and photo books, you’ll be able to document your adventures, print your journals, publish your travels online and much more! 

We give you the tools you need to immediately start writing your own amazing story!

Being able to keep a flexible journal on your iPhone or iPad with text, drawings, images, videos and maps helps you document your memories and experiences on the go…

Looks to us like another app along the lines of Lonely Planet’s Trips … except this one has a subscription cost. Really find it hard to seriously consider putting money into a closed platform like that instead of your own blog.


My name is Piotr and I have created Photler to enable travel photographers like myself to share their passion and have the chance to profit from it.

I have visited almost 100 countries to date. Over ten years ago, I created a personal photography website to document my travels. Having my own professional portfolio turned out to be crucial for my future as a travel photographer. It helped me to get publicity, sell dozens of my photos and build priceless relationships. I have created Photler to make it easy for eveyone out there documenting their journey through photographs, to share that experience with the world.

OK, this one we can actually recommend wholeheartedly to one particular segment; the segment that wants to market their travel photographs and doesn’t want to really be bothered with a lot of overhead. If that fits you, take a serious look at subscribing here!

Track That Travel

Creating great stories that get shared is something Track That Travel lives on! We understand that without awesome content we are nothing more than a blank page.

With that in mind we have put together some rewards to say thank you for sharing your travel stories with us!

Another free blogging site … but these ones have a twist, they’ll pay you cash for articles that get shared on Facebook! That’s an intriguing option, indeed.


Travelbook is a one-stop travel-sharing community to discover, plan, and book experiences while earning travel coins to get rewarded to explore the world.

First of its kind in the travel industry, Travelbook aims to disrupt the travel industry from a new angle, people travelbooks. Travelbook will allow people to keep, discover, plan and book experiences — all in one place.

Still in beta, this one doesn’t appear to be a blogging platform exactly — something like a friendlier TripAdvisor crossed with Instagram, it seems.

So there you go, a veritable plethora of trip journaling options! If you actually try any of these, Dear Readers, make sure you let us know how you like them!

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