Ultimate List Of #travel Apps For Nomads

Here’s a reference that’s well worth bookmarking, over at Nomad Gate which is packed full of information if you’re considering that digital nomad thing but this page is particularly good:

The Ultimate List of Travel Apps & Tools for Nomads (Part 1: Travel)

Travel Apps & Tools


Nomads tend to travel a lot. Perhaps not as much as some hardcore business travelers, but more than almost anyone else. Personally I step on a plane somewhere between 50 and a 100 times every year.

And traveling can be painful. Especially if you do several medium-term moves throughout a year. It’s not just the physical travel that causes “pain,” but also planning the travel and getting to know your new “home town”.

In this chapter of the series, I’m bringing you the best tools and services to simplify pre-travel planning, the actual act of traveling, and the post-arrival research and discovery

Go read the whole thing, it’s a veritably encyclopedic list with which we mostly agree; we’ll just add one extra note here…

… that Nomad List place they correctly point out as being the generally best resource for city comparisons? Let’s take a look at their current top 11 recommendations:

Nomad List's Top Eleven

It is no coincidence, we say, that Thailand has three (3) of those eleven best places. And even less of a coincidence that we’re residing in Bangkok currently, and here’s our hot tip for anyone who’s actively thinking of doing the same —

— do what we did and apply for a job at Agoda! A decent expat job beats nomadding any time, we say!

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