Vietnam #travel Tip: VOA Vietnam Visa

Since yesterday we mentioned winning a Vietnam trip and all, this is a good time to bring up a helpful resource for planning your next independent Vietnam trip:

VOA Vietnam Visa Online | Trustworthy Vietnam Visa Agency

First of all, check the policies applicable to your country at

Visa policy of Vietnam

If you’re from one of the 24 countries that have visa-free entry, and your stay won’t be longer than shown there, no worries.

If you’re from one of the 46 countries that can get an eVisa, and a single maximum 30 days entry is enough, you have the option of applying for that from Vietnam Immigration here.

But if you’re not from those countries, or you want a longer stay or multiple entries, you’ll need to get a visa. And immensely more convenient than getting a visa in advance is to get it on arrival, and for that you need an official letter to show and get your actual visa at the airport:

Vietnam Visa On Arrival: How It Works

There’s any number of places on the web you can order one, but for our upcoming trip to Ho Chi Minh City and the south, we decided this was the one that we’d use…


p dir=”ltr”>… plus they’ll toss us a couple bucks for a referral, so follow our links to get your VOA letter and buy us a coffee!

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