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So you’ve decided that you want to visit World Heritage Sites — now, how do you actually go about finding information on them?

The definitive source is of course UNESCO, since it’s a committee of their members that approves additions to The Official World Heritage List, as we discussed in What is a World Heritage Site? and the official list of sites and an interactive map to explore them can be found at

The List
As we write this the vital statistics are that as of 2016 1052 properties are inscribed; 34 transboundary, 2 delisted, 55 in danger, 814 cultural, 203 natural and 35 mixed.

We’ll update here every year as that changes; if you’d like to see a list of which properties were newly inscribed each year, you can review those here.

The candidates for inscription can be found listed by the country nominating them at Tentative Lists; currently the total stands at 1709 properties from 176 different members.

Eventually of course this will be the premier site for collecting information directly related to those site visits … but that’s rather a long term project! In the meantime, for finding out information about any particular site just Googling its full name is likely to be your best start.

For getting general information on the places you’re going though, there is rather a lot of places on the Internet to gather that! The ones that we find most generally useful as a starting point are

From there it … diverges wildly, depending on what we found worth looking up in those sources. For the moment we’re planning to collect links to those five to accompany discussion of each UNESCO member, with others mentioned only if they’re particularly interesting.

For general tourist type travel browsing, well there’s a lot. For the moment, we’ll just list in alphabetical order sites we’ve visited occassionally or heard about that might be worth your time;

and we’ll update this post whenever we have more specific opinions to impart! In the meantime, if you want to look up even more to draw to our attention, check out

No doubt that will keep you busy in between waiting breathlessy for our next post!


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