WHS Master Sitelist (REV 0)

If you look up at the top left there, you’ll see that we now have what we believe is the only single page collective reference of all inscribed and tentative World Heritage Sites by UNESCO member,

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Master Sitelist

This is Revision Zero, that simply combines the fine work of the MostTraveledPeople.com list of inscribed sites and the TheBestTravelled.com list of tentative sites.

Our future plans are to provide on Github an open source library that generates this list directly, drawing from official UNESCO materials for the sites and ISO standards for the members plus links to further information from official sources, posts here, and from the various sources we listed in Visit Research. Which is a very long term project!

In the meantime, take a look through; if you’ve been wondering for interesting places to visit on your next trip, this is your definitive listing! Until we get ramped up, World Heritage Site for World Heritage Travellers is your best starting point for planning, go search for that manually, but we’ll at least have links to its page for a site as well as the canonical UNESCO link … soon.


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