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All these courses on how to make money travel blogging, how to make money travel writing, they’re everywhere, aren’t they? We’re always just a teensy bit cynical when it comes to people offering paid courses in How To Make Money Doing X —

— if your techniques make money like you claim, why are you sharing them instead of using them yourself, or giving them away if you don’t need the money?

Oh, look, here’s an example of giving them away! There you go, full Sincerity Points™ awarded to

My Free Travel Writing Course


A few years ago I wrote a six-part primer called The Travel Writing Magician to walk through some of the basics of becoming a money-earning travel writer. The course was distributed via email for years and eventually turned into an e-book. Now it’s available below, in a single (meaty) article that covers all the basics of Writing Travel Articles that Sell – and it’s all yours for the reading.

This piece combines my own decades of news reporting with great travel writing practice. I’ve written more than 2000 articles in my life as a journalist, and I now apply these techniques to my travel writing…

Worth a read, definitely, advice there is sound.

However, interesting that down at the bottom we see affiliate links to three paid travel courses …

And we notice that this series was originally posted at TravelBloggerAcademy.com who obviously are making money off teaching not doing…

And then there’s this 30 Day Blogging Fast Track from the It’s a Lovely Life® people…

And of course the one we recommend just because Siem Reap is a great place for a week, plus the various little bits that go along with it…

… why, you could spend an awful lot of time and money on all these courses, couldn’t you? Wonder just how productive that is compared to learning from your mistakes as you go along finding your own way like we are here?

Kinda suspecting the answer is likely to be “not all that much.”

Any of you out there willing to share any specific actionable items you learned from these expensive courses that earned you the money back and more?

h/t: The Travel stories Daily!

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