World Heritage Master Sitelist (REV 1)

OK, it took a while from our first cut’n’paste job of Rev 0 of our Master Sitelist, but today we’re pleased to announce that The Sitelist has been revised up to be generated directly from source data, with links to all World Heritage Convention parties, all their inscribed properties as of 2017, and all their Tentative List entries too —

— a total of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE visits on that bucket list, you can see we’re now tracking in the header there … and that’s not even counting the multiple locations of the serial properties!

And as promised, all the source data plus the program we wrote to construct the Sitelist page from it is available for anybody to help themselves on Github at alexcurylo/iso3166-flags-maps-worldheritage. So nobody else, ever again, has to go through all the sleuthing for usuable data, scraping web pages where we could, and cutting and pasting when no easier method was apparent (specifically, conglomerating all the individual Tentative Lists); just head over to that repo and help yourself.

In this version, all links go directly to the canonical UNESCO page for that country, site, or tentative site; planning to add more useful links and flags and maps and so on eventually. Or if you’re in a hurry, you could always help out, pull requests are welcome!

The next highest priority feature though is to add personal visit tracking to the data models, so we can autogenerate this list with a count of exactly what’s visited, like we laid out manually with the Wonderlist.

We think that 508 count up there right now is in the right neighbourhood, but there’s been the occassional hiccup with the tracking of inscribed sites on so our current 460 there (before adding this year’s!) might not be exact…

… and we haven’t reviewed the tentative sites in detail yet, since we didn’t track them at all before starting up here — just skimmed the Rev 0 list and counted 48 we were quite sure we’d been to. Probably at least a few more to add once we get something set up to review visits in detail!

One final note: the Perceptive Reader may note that whilst at the bottom of The Sitelist it says

WHS: 1073 — TWHS: 1696 — TOTAL: 2769

on the UNESCO Tentative Lists page, it says the total is 1669. What’s up with that?

Well, our aching cut and paste fingers assure you, there are indeed 1696 separate pages for sites on the Tentative Lists currently in existence, go click every italic link and count them yourself if you’d like to audit our count.

So there’s a few possibilities:

  • The lists still include entries that were inscribed/removed at the 41st Session
  • Transborder properties with entries from multiple countries are consolidated for the display count
  • Somebody fumble-fingered transposed the 9 and 6 updating the page

For now, we’re going to go with that last one as being the most likely, and carry on having our total be the total that searches actually return for each country. If anyone knows a more canonical method to calculate the number of Tentative Sites, let us know!

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