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So the other day we mentioned the August 10k #travel Blog Traffic Challenge we signed up for? Well, it’s day 3 now, and so far we recommend it thoroughly to all you aspiring bloggers out there!

What we’ve done so far is sign up with popular social media – yep, we had that one down – and follow each other on them, and today, pick 5 of our fellows’ blog posts to comment on.

Well, around here we always like to exceed the norm and all, so in addition to that we’ll pick the Top 10 #travel Posts (where by “top” we mean “first we noticed”) and present them here as samples from some new blogs you might want to follow!

1. Journeys of Pupose: Journey to the Amazon Rainforest

As we stepped off our boat and climbed the steps to Minga Lodge, I was taken aback by the expansive tropical grounds built into the hillside of the rainforest…

2. The Armchair Traveler: Finding Your Inspiration

You don’t choose a life; you live one. – Daniel (Emilio Estevez) The Way
Wow, did this quote spark something in me. It made me want to make changes in my life. To stop dreaming of the life that I thought I should have, and start being thankful for everything I actually do have…

3. Only Girl in the House: Road Trip Traveling With Kids – The Ultimate Guide

This August my family of four will hit the open road to travel from our home to Richmond, VA for our family reunion. This will be the second-long distance trip for my four-year-old…

4. Anderson around the World: Ooh La La – Paris in 24 hours

Have you ever wanted to have lunch alfresco near the Louvre and a glass of wine at the Eiffel Tower and then head home? Aaron and I had the chance to just do that…Ohh La LA – in Paris for 24 hours...

5. Nat Savvy: Cruising With Your Family

“You know what, we should all take a trip together AS A FAMILY.” “Yeah let’s do it!” It’s kind of one of those moments you brush off and think oh we weren’t serious… were we?

6. Exploring Kiwis: Snæfellsnes Peninsula – Better Than Iceland’s Golden Circle!

Some things just feel like they were meant to be. Places, rugged and wild, that are so gorgeous, they just have to be seen. Iceland was that for us…

7. Dot’s Destinations: Day #3 Tulum and Maya Ruins

Get the perfect combination of culture and picture-postcard landscapes when visiting the Tulum archaeological site, a majestic Mayan settlement built on a cliff facing the turquoise color sea…

8. The Gayle Thompson: Letting Our Hearts Break for the Forgotten Ones

Our time here is a breath, really. It’s so, so short. What if we collectively stood up and said, “Not on my watch. More orphans will not die, will not age out, will not cease to exist, while I have the power to change a life.”

9. Long Live the Restless Hearts: Geocaching: Adventure Close to Home

So what should you do when you’re craving adventure, but you don’t have the means to attain a new, faraway destination with your kiddos? There are many possible solutions, but the one to be discussed below (and one of my personal favorites) is… geocaching!

10. Life Fully Booked: Why Go On A Disney Cruise?

There are Disney characters, artwork, and music throughout the ship. Disney movies show in the theaters and Broadway-style shows on the stage. Funnel vision screens by the pool play Disney movies throughout the day and evening…

Should be something interesting for all of you there!


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    1. Thank you very much! Building up a few months content backlog right now, then we’ll get to work on presentation!

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