169 #travel Bloggers’ Favorite Cities

So we were sifting through the mail the other day, and there was this letter from new to us tour booking site Tiqy asking

I’m putting together an expert roundup post on the best cities in the world to visit, and I (naturally) wanted to invite you to contribute.

The question is: “What’s your favourite city in the world?”

Well, we just couldn’t let that pass without speaking up for Bangkok, living here and all, could we? Turns out that we’re one of 169 who took them up on the contribution, which is filling out Tiqy’s Destinations resources with our collective ever so expert! opinions:

169 #travel Bloggers’ Favorite Cities


However, there doesn’t appear to be an overall ranking, so let’s just go figure that out for ourselves, shall we?

In the Africa category, six pick Cape Town (including yesterday’s feature Wild Junket!)…

None get more than two in the Pacific or South America categories…

For North America, we’re mildly surprised that Vancouver only got one vote — and Toronto got four, second to the six for New York City?? As an expat Vancouver native, we find that deeply disturbing!

In the Asia category, our contribution made six of us with obviously the utmost taste and discernment who voted for Bangkok, just beating out the five who voted for Tokyo…

And in the Europe category, of the 36 different picks there was a very clear winner: Paris was selected by no fewer than eleven (11)!! London had 7, and Barcelona, Edinburgh, Istanbul and Rome all had 6.

So, that gives us a Travel Bloggers’ Favorite City Ranking Medal Awards of

  1. GOLD: Paris
  2. SILVER: London
  3. BRONZE: Cape Town, New York City, Bangkok, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Rome

… but check them all out for ideas for your next destination!


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