21 New #WorldHeritage Sites!

See, this is the great thing about having Every World Heritage Site as your bucket list; if on the off chance you do, somehow, manage to visit them all …

… just wait ’til the next annual World Heritage Committee session, and you’ll have another dozen or two to keep you busy for that year!

And the new additions for 2017 are out now:


Close of World Heritage Committee session in Krakow, after inscription of 21 new sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Krakow, Poland, 12 July—The World Heritage Committee, meeting in Krakow since 2 July, closed its annual session today. During the session, the Committee inscribed 21 new sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It also extended or modified the boundaries of five sites already on the List.

The new inscriptions bring to 1,073 the total number of sites on the World Heritage List. Angola and Eritrea saw their first sites joint the List during the present session…

Read the whole thing if you want details on the 4 that had boundaries extended, 1 that had them reduced, and the various changes to the World Heritage in Danger list; we’ll just list the new ones for you here —

The new natural sites are:

The new cultural sites are:

— of those, we’ve been to six so far:

So that’ll raise our overall percentage a bit once we get our inscribed + tentative Master Sitelist generator working with the latest updates. Which we must get around to soon, now that it’s out of date and all.

But first, we’ll have a couple posts about new inscriptions here that are politically controversial in some quarters…

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