7 Continents, 5 Oceans: OSHEE World Expedition

Do you fancy yourself a filmmaker? Are you ready to drop everything and travel to all seven continents starting in a couple months? Well, is there ever an opportunity for you here:

OSHEE World Expedition

OSHEE World Expedition


Hi there! We are looking for talented filmmakers for our amazing journey across all seven continents and five oceans. If you have courage to set sail in less than 3 months, have an authentic passion for exotic nature and are an experienced camera operator and video editor, then we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you! 🐻🐼🐨🎬

You will visit the most remote and beautiful places in the world – in air, on land, on water and under water. You will get to know exotic cultures and practice several extreme sports. You will also inspire people and set a new standard of journey videos of cinematic quality. 🎥🎂

We are a bunch of friends, so our resources – contrary to our imagination – are limited. Therefore we cannot pay you any remuneration. However we will cover all expenses of your participation in the journey. Follow the links in comments to watch the presentation and visit our English subsite.

And if your are sure the timeframe does not freak you out (yes you have to leave everything out and go travel the world 😛), contact us via Facebook with your portfolio. Time is of the essence. 📆😎🌏🌅

That’s a remarkable opportunity, that is. If it wasn’t for the minor detail of being completely unqualified, we’d be on that for sure. But if any of you have the quals, we completely encourage you to take a flying leap here — an expenses paid trip to all seven continents doesn’t come along often!


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