African Sunsets: Win A Tour For 2 in 2021!

At this point, seems 2020 is pretty much a writeoff, doesn’t it? So what, what shall we do about that?

… why, we’ll start looking forward to 2021, that’s what we’ll do! Take that, Corona-chan! And to help you get started on those dreams, here’s a contest from Tour Radar to enter:

Win a Trip to Africa in 2021!

If exploring Africa’s abundant bushveld in search of the Big Five has always been on your bucket list, here’s your chance to  win a trip for two in 2021Enter by the 23 April 2020, and you and one other lucky person could be heading for Africa’s open plains with Acacia Adventure Holidays. 

Experience southern Africa’s magical sunsets, camp under starry skies, fall asleep to the sounds of nature and wake up to the cry of beasts in the wild. Enter our African Sunsets contest now, and in 2021, you could be following lion trails with your guide in Nairobi or enjoying delicious wine in vineyards along the Garden Route. Good luck! 

Enter your email, pick your tour — we went for the highlights tour, Victoria Falls is a World Heritage Site we haven’t gotten around to yet — and do a quick clickthrough of a scavenger hunt, and there’s your entry, good luck and cross your fingers that whoever wins will be able to go in 2021!

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