AirHelp: Create Your #travel Map And Win $1000

Alright, this is one of the most intriguingly information-packed posts we’ve seen for a while: a flight mapper, refunder, and contest all in one? Let’s check out

Airhelp – Create a Map of All Your Flights and Get Compensation for Delays (+win $1,000 for Flights!!)



So let’s talk about AirHelp. Why should you use AirHelp? The short version: AirHelp will help you to get money from delayed flights. But how? AirHelp is an air passenger rights company that provides a simple way for you to check your personal flight history for eligible flights, and possibly claim compensation of up to $700 for flight disruptions that are clearly defined by the EU law.

Well, that’s interesting, but no way are we going to dig through … wait, what?

Now, with AirHelp’s newest feature, you can do a lot more! By linking your inbox, AirHelp will look at your last three years of flights to tell you whether you are eligible to claim compensation for delays or cancellations. And, with this new feature, AirHelp will update you as soon as future flights become eligible for compensation, so if you experience another delay, you will know if AirHelp can help you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

In addition to flight compensation, AirHelp’s new feature includes an impressive visualization tool:

  • Create your own travel map and see all your flights from the past 3 years
  • Share your flying adventures across social media on a colorful map of flights
  • See how much time you spent in the sky
  • Find out how many countries you have visited in the last 3 years
  • Know the number of flights you have taken
  • See how many kilometers you have traveled

Sounds super cool, right? Go ahead and try this awesome feature! And with a bit of luck, you can win $1,000 towards return flights to anywhere in the world? How? Keep reading!!

Well, before you try it, what they support is Google, Hotmail, and Outlook. So if you have your own email setup, or you keep your inbox clean, this isn’t going to be of any help. Well, so much for that then.

But if you do use one of those services, and save all your flight confirmations, then the maps do look pretty nifty, and here’s the steps to win $1000:

Yes, you read that right! It’s not only super fun to create your own travel map with AirHelp, now you can also win $1,000 towards return tickets to any destination! How to join?

  1. Go to and create a map by sharing the email you use to book flights
  2. Sit back and relax while it connects your flight history
  3. Find out how much the airlines owe you, and create your own map
  4. Share the map along with a short travel story on Facebook or Twitter, tagging AirHelp (@airhelp on Facebook and @theairhelper on Twitter) and using the hashtag #AirHelp
  5. Don’t forget follow AirHelp on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

The person with the best travel story will win $1,000 for return flight tickets to any destination from AirHelp! Everyone can join!! Enter the contest NOW and create your own map here before it ends on February 17, 2018!

There you go, good luck everybody!


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