Airtripp App: Social Networking For Free Trips

If you liked the idea of a travel-centric social network like we mentioned in the Travello Contest post  — here is another one that’s been sitting there on the phone waiting for some attention; we vaguely remember downloading it because there was something about getting free trips with it, but haven’t got around to it since.

So let’s figure that out together today! The social networking app in question is

Airtripp – Meet & Chat with global friends

Errrm … ok, we’re actually not that enlightened yet. Let’s check the App Store description:

Airtripp is a free social network app that lets people around the word share their thoughts and experiences with each other via photos.
• Meet new people from countries you want to travel
• Auto translated chat with foreign friends

With Airtripp you can enjoy these FREE functions
• Meet new friends around the world:
– Make global friends from 200 countries and regions with ease
– Discover great people anywhere you want
– Browse beautiful images from every corner of the world
– Find language study partners with native speakers from many countries

• Making communication easier than ever:
-Support for multiple languages in the translated chat (17 languages available: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Indonesian, German, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai)
-Send free text, photo messages to friends

• Find your travel pal:
-Create your travel plan and get advices from people all over the world
-Become a travel pal with people from your favorite country

• Show your national pride to people around the world:
– Share your best moments of life and get Followers and Likes
– Introduce your country to your international friends

OK, I suppose if you’re really into the penpal thing, that could be interesting. But where’s the part about the free trips? Ah, here it is…

• Send fun and interesting Virtual Gifts to friends
-Send interesting Gifts like Hearts and Treasure boxes to your international friends as a way to have fun and be closer to them
-You can also send Gifts as greetings, a way to congratulate, or even when you find your friend’s post interesting!
-Furthermore, Gifts received will be accumulated into the “Gift Bank”, and once you reached the goal you will receive a flight ticket to a country of your choice.
-Lets support your friend’s dream of going to his/her chosen country!

*Purchasing Points*
You can purchase points for sending virtual gifts or unlocking visitors. We have prepared 6 options for you to purchase…

Ah, got it. So you pay, and Apple takes its 30% cut, and the developers keep enough for whatever profit they’re making, and then you compete like street performers to get thrown change with the rest.

Yeah … ok, we’re all about monetizing your attention sure, but we’d much prefer to do it by actually providing you something of value, or at least providing a valuable recommendation.

This plan, well, let’s put it this way; some of the odd-appearing notifications we’d got from other users of this app since installing it now make more sense, if you get our drift.

And then there’s another contest running, we see in the app, where if you give away the most points this month you win a free ticket —

— but looking at the leaderboard and roughly calculating in our heads, looks like the leader there has already spent enough for a transpacific Business Class seat, so that doesn’t look like a clever choice either.

Sooooooo … yeah, don’t think we’ll keep this one around, doesn’t suit the way we work at all. But if the bit above there about meeting foreign people and having your chats translated sounds interesting, we certainly invite you to check it out, Dear Reader!

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