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So it’s that most modern of holidays today, the unabashed orgy of consumption known as … BLACK FRIDAY! And Cyber Monday, and Travel Tuesday … why, it’s the modern Saturnalia, this coming week!

And here’s some roundups people have put together of travel deals for you — a good place to start is Make Time To See The World’s

The Hottest Cyber Monday + Black Friday Deals for Travel in 2018

They cover tours, flights, hotels, cruises and gear, a little bit of everything!

Over at Wanderonomy we have

Best Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Travel Tuesday Deals

listing dozens of airlines, hotels, and OTAs with weekend deals.

For our fellow travel bloggers, here’s a good roundup of stuff we’re interested in:

100+ Internet Marketing Black Friday Deals 2018 [WordPress Hosting, Themes, SEO Tools]

And WPBeginner’s

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 WordPress Deals – Big Savings

Also check out SEOPop’s 50% off with SEOFRIDAY, and WordPress/Jetpack’s 30% off with BLACKCYBER2018.

If you’re a Mac or iPhone person, we collected deals for that set in Black Friday Deals 2018 over at our other blog too!

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  1. Really amazing deals

  2. Try to purchase your upgrades on black Friday if you want heavy discounts

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