Dream Big – $10,000 #travel Sweepstakes!

And the contest of the day — for every day the next couple months, if you really want to win — is a massive $10,000 for your next vacation! Or anything else, actually, but what better is there to spend your money on? Hat tip to the TravelLatte folk, who collected the details in

Dream Big Gourmet Getaway Travel Sweepstakes

Dream Big - $10,000 #travel Sweepstakes!


Have you noticed that almost every discussion about travel at some point turns to food? That’s probably not coincidence. And those two things come together in the Dream Big Sweepstakes. You could win one of four $10,000 prizes towards the ultimate gourmet getaway! (Or any other getaway you’d care to take off on.)


The Dream Big travel sweepstakes has four entry periods, with a Grand Prize of $10,000 in each period! But you must enter during each period to be eligible to win that period’s grand prize.

This travel sweepstakes is unique in having ten places to enter each day:

We actually found thirteen places, checking it out:

Check them out and you’ll find suggestions for your $10,000 from “the ultimate kitchen makeover” to “cash to spend like an A-lister” depending on the audience …


p dir=”ltr”>… but all of you Dear Readers would go for Travel + Leisure’s “a once-in-a-lifetime vacation,” wouldn’t you now?

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