Expat Life: Free Houses In Italy!

Now here’s an option if you’re really serious about your traveling: How about moving to Italy — and getting a FREE HOUSE! for doing it?

Italian town of Cammarata offers free houses to lure new residents


Over the past few years, numerous towns in Italy have resorted to selling homes for just over a dollar in a bid to revitalize their dwindling communities.

Zungoli near Naples and Sicily’s Sambuca were the most recent Italian destinations to get in on the act, launching schemes promoting dilapidated properties for just over a dollar with the hope of attracting new residents.

Now, the Sicilian town of Cammarata has gone one step further — offering homes for absolutely nothing.

Desperate to save his hometown from depopulation, mayor Vincenzo Giambrone has spent the last three years convincing owners who’ve long abandoned their family homes to hand over the empty, crumbling buildings to newcomers for free…

Now mind you, “free” is stretching it a little, as you have to commit to renovating the place in some fashion,

Buyers must commit to renovating the property within three years of the purchase and pay a 5,000 euro ($4,300) deposit, which will be returned once the work is complete.

They will also need to present a clear refurbishment proposal for the property in question.

While all potential buyers who meet the criteria will be considered, young couples with children will receive priority — couples who move there and go on to have a baby even receive a 1,000 euro bonus.

New owners can transform the multi-story buildings into a private house, B&B, hotel, shops or even a restaurant…

but hey, if you’re the handyman type, renovating an ancient house in Sicily would certainly be an adventure, wouldn’t it now?

And if that sounds like adventure but Cammarata isn’t quite the right place for you, check out this website listing all sorts of other places in Italy offering properties for pennies:


All you need to know in order to buy houses for 1 Euro in Italy
rent lighthouses, towers, disused coastal buildings, reclaim abandoned areas, and restore unattended stations…

There’s a couple dozen options there for various forms of refurbishment you can turn your hand to!

Finally, check out even more options in this article from the Irish Times:

Eight places that will pay you to move there


p dir=”ltr”>Various rebuilding and incentive operations in Greece, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and Chile!

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