Fred’s Blog 2017 #travel Story Winners

Remember we mentioned the Fred’s Blog 2017 #travel Stories Competition, and pulled out an old email as a last minute gasp of an entry, The Great Tikal Adventure?

2017 Travel Story Competition

Well, the results are in … and to our utter lack of surprise, we didn’t win this time around. See you next year, Fred!

In the meantime, here’s the stories that did win, for a little light bedtime reading:

Winner: Sue Clamp with The Reluctant Cyclist

Jackie Parry with A View for Every Occasion

Third: A five-way … really, a five-way? … tie:

Peggy Wolf
 with Solo Flight

Mike Cavanagh with In Control and When I’m Eighty Three

Jill Stoking with A British Seaside Holiday in 1958

Patricia Steele with Flamenco Guitars and much, much more

Our congratulations to all the winners! And we see here at the bottom…

Watch out for the 2017 Travel Highlights Competition (50-100 words) which will start in two weeks’ time.

50-100 words? Sure, we can do that. See you then!

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