Frequent Flyers: Aeroplan R.I.P.

Probably most of you Dear Readers are familiar with frequent flyer and other loyalty programs already? We’ll have info pages on those soon never fear if you’re not, but here’s one particular event worth noting: Air Canada’s Aeroplan is going away!


Shares of Aeroplan owner Aimia Inc. took a battering on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday after Air Canada said it will sever ties with the customer loyalty plan and set up its own in 2020.

Aimia’s share price fell by 62.7 per cent as investors reacted to the loss of its key partner, and the company offered few clues on how it would keep its five million customers from fleeing.

That’s a minor shockwave in the frequent flyer world even if you’re not a Canadian, as Aeroplan points are rather notable for being so flexible in their redemption that they’re commonly referred to as Mini-Round-the-World (mini-RTW) tickets, and even people who never fly Air Canada accumulate points with Aeroplan because of that. Well, it’s time to burn those points now!

Aeroplan is putting their brave face on,

We’ve heard from many of you with questions about what the future holds for Aeroplan and for you as members. It means the world to us to know how much many of you care about the program.

I want you to know that Aeroplan will continue to be here for you, helping you get the most from your miles to achieve your travel plans, including through rewards with industry-leading airlines.

Right now, we’re working hard to build a stronger Aeroplan for you. This includes ensuring that you’re able to redeem for flight rewards long past 2020.

You can also count on us to continue innovating, just as we have for the past 30 years. Aeroplan is so much more than a frequent-flyer program…

but … well … we won’t tell you what you should think of that, but we’re not feeling reassured much, so we’re going to close our Aeroplan-accumulating credit cards once we top off enough for One Last Trip with them. How about Afghanistan? That would be appropriate, in a darkly humoured kind of way, wouldn’t it? Yes. Yes, let’s mark down Afghanistan and its neighborhood for our last Aeroplan miles trip, sometime next year when we have a free stretch. That should make for some interesting reporting indeed!


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