Hipmunk’s 2018 #travel Planning Guide

So was 2017 a good travel year for you? Why, yes, ours was quite enjoyable indeed, thanks. But now it’s time to start planning what’s on the 2018 list, and here is a great resource from the Hipmunk folks to help you out with that:

When to Go 2018: Hipmunk’s Annual Travel Planning Guide

Hipmunk’s 2018 #travel Planning Guide

Some key When to Go 2018 findings:


January is historically the most cost-effective month to fly, for both domestic and international destinations, with domestic airfare 21 percent lower on average than peak summertime booking prices. Similarly, January international travel is 20 percent less expensive on average than international travel during the summer. (It’s also the least-traveled month of the year for Americans.)

It may be the traditional vacation time—but it’s also when crowds and prices peak.


Instead, look to bookend your travel for the best deals; for domestic travel, this means at the start of the year and after summer (or shoulder season: August and September). International travel’s biggest savings are also found at the start of the year, peaking during the summer and then dropping in the fall. If you’re itching to visit Korea or Hong Kong, November offers both the lowest prices and mild weather.

Also, the NYT here in 10 Bargain Destinations for 2018 picked out some particularly encheapening destinations from the top of Hipmunk’s list with some commentary.

These observations are probably not a massive surprise to you, but it’s always nice to have actual numbers — and they’ve crunched out the best months to fly for 50 US cities and 50 other name destinations, so follow that article link and check them out!


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