June #travel #stories Winner: The Last Flight Of Air Siam

The Fred’s Blog 2018 #travel Stories Competition is quickly running out, results are up for the second to last month:

2018 Travel Stories — June Entries

2018 Travel Stories Competition

We had an amazing 24 authors and writers enter their travel stories in the June part of our 4th Annual Travel Stories Competition. This is the most we’ve ever had in one month. Thank you so much to everyone who got involved.

Selecting the winning story was especially difficult, but I am very pleased to announce that the winner is ……..
Syd Blackwell and his story THE LAST FLIGHT OF AIR SIAM 

MANY CONGRATULATIONS Syd – your $50 prize is on its way If you missed our June entries, catch up with them here.

The overall competition runs until the end of July, so there is only a month left to enter your 500-1000 word travel stories. You can find out more here

Two in a row here that go through our current base in Bangkok; there just seems to be something about Thailand that invites adventure, doesn’t it?

Our bookings had been made for months.  Our Air Siam tickets would take us from Vancouver to Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.  We could stop in any or all of the intermediate destinations for four days or multiples of four days.  It was also the cheapest flight we could find in those long-ago, pre-computer days.  It seemed ideal.

The little Chinese travel agent in the east end of Vancouver, reputedly the guy with the best deals, had been sweaty and furtive when we bought our tickets.  We had mostly forgotten that detail as our travel date approached, but then we got the phone call.   Our agent nervously told us Air Siam was having mechanical difficulties with the plane that flew to Hawaii and we might be delayed four days.  My friend explained he was getting married in Malaysia and a delay was not acceptable.  I told him to solve the problem through another carrier or we would come back to his office to hold him personally accountable.  A subsequent phone call from our now-inspired agent directed us to a different airline for our scheduled date of departure.

We should have taken this omen more seriously…

Ah, yes, adventure is other people having their plans go hilariously off the rails in far away places, isn’t it? We’ve had a few of this sort, although in these Internet days it’s pretty easy to find the next plane out and throw money at the problem. Back in the 1970s, things were definitely more adventurous!


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