Keynote: The Reality Side of AR, MBLTdev, Moscow

Are you going to be around Moscow October 27th? You interested in artificial reality on your iPhone? Then we have a conference for you to attend: MBLTdev!

MBLT 2017


MBLTdev 2017 is a platform for upgrading skills and joining a professional community of experienced and talented developers. Learn the recent iOS & Android trends and best practices by attending talks delivered by speakers from Europe, Silicon Valley and Russia. Find out new approaches and tools, ask questions to experts and get insights to boost your professional growth. Connect with the mobile development leaders by having meaningful conversations. See you at the MBLTdev 2017!

We are, in fact, the very first speaker on the program:

You’ve tried to puzzle through guidebooks, or used those “press PLAY when you’re standing at the next numbered sign” audio guides, right? Well, how about if all that information and more was sitting in your phone, and all you had to do was point it at a place or thing for it to show up?

Well, that’s what we’re going be demoing here.

At least, we hope so. Doing something brand new is always a little risky … come to Moscow and find out how well we pulled it off!


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