Kingdom of the Clouds Tour of Bhutan

Here we are finally at the reason we’ve been pounding out the posts and tweets on Bhutan last while — to give you some background for this upcoming tour we figured deserved some signal boost:

Hidden Land of Bhutan: Kingdom of the Clouds Tour
Oct 19 – Nov 1, 2017

Kingdom of the Clouds Tour

No affiliate, ownership, or any other interest to disclose here; we just figure that if you can find the time and money to take this trip, then you should.

Journey Into The Last Surviving Great Himalayan Kingdom

Gray Langur’s Kingdom of the Clouds Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime, all-inclusive, 14-day exploration of one of the world’s most culturally preserved, yet astonishingly forward-thinking countries.

Tourism in Bhutan is strictly controlled, and the Kingdom welcomes fewer visitors annually than England does in a weekend.

Gray Langur’s debut tour was designed to be the ultimate bucket list experience — taking guests deep into Bhutan’s hidden lands where we will explore both iconic and a remote regions of the mystical kingdom in the clouds, and have the opportunity to participate in Bhutanese ritual and culture that most travelers will never get to experience.

At the center of this unique adventure is an extraordinary trek into the remote highlands of Laya, Bhutan’s “hidden land.” And we’ll arrive just in time to participate in one of the Kingdom’s most exciting celebrations, the second annual Royal Highlander Festival…

That’s one grand splash of a debut there, that is.

And if you want to save a bit, the way we heard about this is that they sponsored the Daring Fireball feed this week — apparently they think Apple news aficionados are likely to be Bhutan fans? Well, I suppose this post proves them right —

If Apple were a country, which country would it be? 

Bhutan is the world’s first carbon negative country, the only place where Gross National Happiness is more meaningful than Gross National Product, and tourism is strictly “high value, low impact” by design…

On October 19, Gray Langur will embark on our Kingdom of the Clouds Tour, a special two-week adventure into the world’s most different-thinking country — one that is, uniquely, as innovative as it is timeless. We’ll explore both iconic and remote regions of the mystical kingdom in the clouds, and have the opportunity to participate in Bhutanese ritual and culture that most travelers will never get to experience. 

This special tour is a one-time event, and as such, availability is extremely limited. Daring Fireball readers interested in adventuring to the fiercely independent Land of the Thunder Dragon can use the code DARINGFIREBALL for a 20% discount, and join us. Register by September 19th to reserve your spot.

So, y’know, go give Daring Fireball a quick read, or stick around if you like — it’s a pretty good source for Apple-related news, should you have the culture and erudition to appreciate that — then hop on over and sign up with their discount, we say.

No, it’s not a cheap trip, but really when they say “once-in-a-lifetime” above, that is a lot less hyperbole than just about anywhere else you’ll ever hear that phrase — if you want to travel somewhere that really does border on the truly unique, this is it!


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