KLM’s Wing It Contest

Here’s one for our Dear Canadian Readers to jump on: a week’s holiday for two to your pick of KLM destinations!

KLM’s Wing It Contest

KLM Wing It Contest


Enter to win a trip for two to the KLM destination of your choice, including a 5-night hotel stay.

  1. Select the airport you are departing from.
  2. Once you transit through Amsterdam, add up the distances to three destinations to reach 20 000 km (+/- 1000 km). See how far you’ve travelled in the progress bar.
  3. Enter the contest to win a trip for two to one of 15 destinations featured in the game, including a 5-night hotel stay!
  4. Share your itinerary with your friends.

Sounds easy enough, let’s give it a shot shall we?

Your Score is

19897 km


You were listening in geography class.


p dir=”ltr”>Only 13 km off? Sure, we’ll take that. We picked Vancouver, Bangkok, Lisbon, and Stockholm — if you manage to beat that, let us know!


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