Live Adventure, Give an Adventure

Here’s a heartwarming initiative from Exodus Travels you might want to keep in mind when booking your next adventure tour:

Live Adventure, Give An Adventure


The Inspiration Project takes children from disadvantaged communities around the world on safaris, hikes and cultural tours within their own home country. This project was initiated after realizing that many children in popular tourist destinations don’t have the opportunity to venture beyond their own neighborhoods and experience the very things that make their country so popular with visitors.

Since 2017, Exodus has hosted more than 4378 children on over 137 trips in approximately 28 countries. All of our projects are chosen carefully, with input from the community, and are run by local Exodus guides.

Make 2019 a year to remember with a truly life-changing adventure for yourself AND a child from a land far away.

For every Exodus tour booked in January and February, you’ll send a child in one of the communities we take our travelers to on an eye-opening adventure to see the wonders in their own backyard through our Inspiration Project

Now that’s a charity we can seriously get behind! That’s probably the most unsettling thing about traveling —

— especially the way we do it, to World Heritage Sites, that are often justifiably obscure —

— is that the locals, especially children, often have no idea whatsoever about the Heritage Sites in their backyards, or see them as just an opportunity to make money by begging or peddling.

(Mind you, there certainly are exceptions — we particularly recall Sambor Prei Kuk where three little local girls adopted us as their project to show all the outlying temples we’d never have found ourselves — but they’re rare enough to be special memories!)


p dir=”ltr”>So, although as a general rule we practice ourselves that you should book tours directly with in country guides so that all the money you spend goes to people in that country — we think this is an admirable enough initiative that if you’re planning on booking a tour the next two months, you should give Exodus serious consideration!

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