MBLTdev 2017, Moscow

That speech we’ve been going on about the last couple months? Yep, made it to Moscow on time, and it went off pretty well all things considered (keeping in mind there’s a lot to be considered there):

ARKit, Flutter, Core ML, анимации и многое другое на MBLTdev 2017

The Reality Side of AR

An excellent choice of lead photo for the conference report, that is; we always do like to stand out in a crowd, and an Indonesian batik dragon shirt does make you stand out quite nicely indeed at a Moscow tech conference!

Full report can be found here:

С завершающим докладом в Главном зале выступил

Alex Curylo, Agoda

. Его доклад был интерактивным: Alex выходил в зал, чтобы продемонстрировать использование Core Location для создания AR-взаимодействия, привязанного к настоящим объектам. Также рассмотрели использование технологии для усовершенствования разных сфер жизни: от ритейла до навигации в музеях.

For those of you that don’t speak Russian, their translation comes out as

Alex Curylo from Agoda

has delivered a final inspiring and interactive keynote talk. He has demonstrated Core Location implementation that helps create an AR-interaction connected to the real objects. Together with Alex, the conference participants have discussed the future of the technology: the way it can improve diverse fields such as retail and navigation in public spaces.

Sure, we can go with “inspiring,” we like to inspire people. You like being inspired, Dear Readers? Excellent.

More photos in this Facebook album, and if you’d like to check out the slides, they’re the first download here on Google Drive; the video itself appears to be restricted to participants, but we’ll update that link if we have any further news.

And here with me translating questions from the audience is Katya the zoo trainer, er, our speaker handler, who is the veritable apotheosis of grace, charm, and competence in conference organization. It was a bit of a near run thing getting this thing pulled off as successfully as it did, but I try as I would, couldn’t come up with any problem too hard for her to solve.

MBLTdev 2017

(I kid, I kid, I wasn’t trying. It’s just a natural talent.)

Any-ways, that was quite an enjoyable diversion indeed; we’d kinda drifted out of the convention social scene the last few years, but a totally new to us scene in MOSCOW, that was fun!

And of course, a great opportunity to visit some Moscow-area WHS we’d missed our first swing through, back when it was still the Soviet Union; we’ll have reports on those coming up next!


You can read their report on the talk at The Reality Side of AR — and check out the whole talk here on YouTube!

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