Most Traveled People 2020: 58 New Locations To Visit!

As all you Dear Readers are probably well aware, Most Traveled People is our favorite travel tracking club, and we proved it by writing their iOS app last year —

— and to start out 2020, they’ve added even more places to their list of “everywhere” — 58 of them, in fact!

MTP 2020 – Day Six and Done! + MTP 2020 Changes – Review


On Day 1, we divided three countries into their constituent regions:
Kazakhstan – Now divided into 14 regions and 4 city-states (including Baikonur, which is leased to Russia until 2050).

  • Algeria – Now divided into 8 regions
  • England – Now divided into 9 regions (in addition to existing MTP items Lundy, Scilly Isles, and other UK locations)

On Day 2, we added the northernmost territories of Russia, specifically, from west to east:

  • Wrangel Island
  • New Siberian Islands
  • Severnaya Zemlya
  • Ushakov and Vize Islands
  • Novaya Zemlya

On Day 3, we added the equivalent locations on the Alaska side, including:

  • Pribilof Islands
  • Western Aleutian Islands (Unalaska onwards)
  • St. Matthew & Hall Islands
  • St. Lawrence Island (Alaska)
  • Little Diomede Island
  • Big Diomede Island (belongs to Russia – just to even things out)

On Day 4, we added a few “Special Areas,” including:

  • Korean DMZ (i.e. You have not been in North Korea if you have only visited the DMZ from the south, and stood in the little room straddling the border)
  • Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (Tajikistan)
  • Donbass Region (Ukraine)

On Day 5, we added islands and island groups that have been overlooked, or which deserve to be separated from the group to which they are currently assigned, including:

  • Bass Islands (separated from Austral Islands; the remaining Austral Islands are now named Tubuai Islands)
  • Southern Coral Group (Seychelles – Coëtivy and Île Platte are geographically separate from the Amirantes Group)
  • Entrecasteaux Reefs (These northernmost land forms of New Caledonia are far removed from the mainland)
  • Colombian Outer Banks (These four Carribbean regions have been disputed between Colombia and the US for centuries, and include Serrana Bank, Roncador Cay, Serranilla Bank, and Bajo Nuevo Bank)
  • Commander Islands (the Russian-controlled farthest west of the Aleutian Islands should have been added on Day 3, but fit in just as well today)

Today is “Enclave Day,” where we add enclaves/exclaves which we have previously missed. One of MTP’s quirks is coverage of enclaves, which sometimes aren’t the most exciting to visit, but are certainly geographically distinct and unusual locations which typically came about due to some strange historical twist.  Today’s enclaves include:

  • Dahagram-Angarpota (Bangladesh in India)
  • Vorukh (Tajikistan in Kyrgyzstan)
  • Sokh District (Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan)
  • Shakhimardan (Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan)
  • Orasje-Domalivac (Bosnia in Srpska)
  • Odžak (Bosnia in Srpska)
  • Međurečje (Bosnia in Serbia)

These 7 bring us to a new total of 949 items.


p dir=”ltr”>Whew! We had a little bit of trouble with the app as splitting up existing regions was … unforeseen … but everything’s pretty good now, so if you have the app update to version 1.2.3 and start marking off your new visits; and if you haven’t downloaded it and signed up, go get it now!.

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