MTP: The Extreme Travel Club — Now In App Store!

And today, Dear Readers, we’re pleased to announce the project we’ve been working on in all our spare moments the last few months —

MTP: The Extreme Travel Club 
On the Road to Everywhere

— the Most Traveled People mobile app for iOS, is now available in the App Store!


MTP is the first mobile app for members of Most Traveled People, the world’s largest competitive travel community. MTP ranks the world’s top travelers by gender, age group, and home location.

MTP members on the web have long enjoyed the ability to measure their lifetime travel accomplishments against their peers, and challenge themselves towards new travel accomplishments. The MTP mobile app imbues all of the features of MTP on the web with geo-awareness, enabling a whole new level of immersive interaction.


– Geo-awareness of what MTP regions a user is in or near

– Map and list-based display of over 3400 MTP checklist travel destinations

– Automated check-in notifications based on geolocation (both foreground and background)

– Nearest destinations, sorted by distance

– Directions to any checklist travel destination from current position

– Worldwide rankings of all users, combined with powerful filters across all lists

– Detailed location information, including user posts and photos

– User profiles, search and updating

If you’re an MTP member, head over there and download it now!

If you’re not an MTP member yet, why then head over there, download it and join!


p dir=”auto”>And if you happen to have some coding skills and would like to join in on the fun, we’re extra pleased to announce that not only is the app shipped, but the code is open sourced on Github! So if there’s something you’d like to fix, or add, or support MTP in your own apps — help yourself!

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