New Canada ULCC: Swoop

Here’s one for our Dear Canadian Readers to be aware of: Historically, Canada has had very few indeed low cost carriers, and virtually no ultra-low cost carriers, and none that have lasted very long —

— but looks like WestJet has decided to take another kick at that particular can, introducing a new subsidiary:

Swoop Airlines



Swoop has flown into the Canadian travel market to provide the country with a no-frills, lower- fare air travel option that will get more Canadians travelling. Swoop has the unique position of being the only ultra-low-cost carrier in Canada with a strong balance sheet, a modern fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft and a management team with deep knowledge of the aviation market. For more details on Swoop, its 2018 launch plans and employment opportunities, sign up at

Bookmark their Deals page for weekly sales; as we write this, the deals of the week are hubbed on Hamilton, Ontario — $69 from Winnipeg and $119 from Abbotsford, which are remarkably good value as Canadian airfares go…


p dir=”ltr”>… so if popping off to visit Niagara Falls this weekend sounds like a good time, check those out!


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