Now It’s Epic: DJI Drone Photo/Video Contest

DJI — the great people who make Sparky the Wonder Drone — have a contest for you, and this one requires a little more creativity than most:

Now It’s Epic Travel Photo & Video Contest

Now It’s Epic DJI Drone Photo:Video Contest


Going on an adventure is not just about reaching your destination; it’s also about capturing beautiful moments and creating lasting memories along the way. What better way to record your favorite breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating experiences than by capturing them from a bird’s-eye view with your DJI drone?

DJI is looking for drone pilots who are world travelers with a keen eye for fantastic photo and video opportunities to enter our SkyPixel “Now it’s Epic” Travel Photo & Video Contest. Winners are eligible for a variety of amazing prizes, including travel stipends and a Mavic Air drone! …

• Photo: Must be aerial, depicting a natural object or scene shaped like any letter from the words “NOW”, “ITS”,”EPIC” or “HIGH.” 

• Video: Must be less than 5 minutes in length and include at least 30 seconds of aerial shots. Additionally, videos should end with the text “Now It’s Epic(click to load more entries) displayed onscreen with the shot location written underneath.

• All submissions must be travel-themed…


p dir=”ltr”>Aerial letter shapes? Now that’s something we’ve never seen a contest for before. Sounds like a fun one — you have until July 8th to do your aerial reconaissance, good luck!


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