The Best Places to Travel in 2019

Looking for some ideas for your next trip? Well, the fine folks over at The Wandering RV have a survey you definitely should look at! And why is that, you ask? Why, because we’re one of the contributors! Ch-ch-check it out at:

The Best Places to Travel in 2019
(According to 30+ World-Renowned Travel Bloggers)


The world is a big place. Finding the best places to travel isn’t easy. However, we compiled vacation ideas everywhere from National Parks in North America to the Caribbean Islands, Africa, Italy and more.

Whether you’re looking for adventure travel with trail hiking and mountain biking or you just want sandy beaches, warm water, and a good drink in hand, there are definitely travel destinations for you ahead. 

Consider this the “Traveler’s Choice Awards” from the most-traveled people in the world! We’ve done our best to sort these locations based on category. Enjoy!

Excellent suggestions, one and all, head over and check them out, especially ours:

Thailand! From the bucolic beaches to bustling Bangkok to Buddhist abbeys, there’s adventure here for everyone. I’ve spent three years here and enjoyed myself so thoroughly from scuba diving in Koh Tao to being mobbed by monkeys in Lopburi to sizzling in the hot springs in Rayong to touring the epic ruins of Sukothai to the lantern festival of Chang Mai to basking on the islands to trekking through the mountains to crawling through the caves to cruising the Mekong River that I’ve decided … I’m not leaving! Next Valentine’s Day, my partner Kobkaew and I will be getting married at this most exquisitely Thai of wedding events, the Trang Underwater Wedding.

Had we mentioned that we’re getting married before here? No … no, I don’t think we’ve actually got around to announcing that we’re getting married anywhere aside from on Facebook. Well, there you go, this post is not only an excellent traveler’s resource — it’s also our public wedding announcement!


p dir=”ltr”>And if a scuba underwater wedding in Trang sounds as nifty to you as it did to us, there’s a 20 couple limit and a few spots left last we heard, so come join us next Valentine’s!


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