The Great GOeureka ICO Bonanza

The cryptocurrency craze may be somewhat off its unsustainably dizzying heights of last year, but there’s still people out there that are looking at interesting applications of blockchain technology, and here’s a particularly interesting looking one: GoEureka!


  •  Zero Commission Fee
  •  Automated Rebooking Feature
  •  Interoperable Loyalty Points
  •  Fiat & Cryptocurrency Payment Method
  •  Worldwide Coverage At Launch

    GOeureka is a travel tech company utilis
    ing blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking sector and deliver greater transparency by allowing hotels to directly connect with their customers. As a technology partner to hotels, GO aims to provide a dynamic digital experience to users and eradicate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agents. By reducing the financial commitments of hotels to third-party booking platforms, GO’s vision is to enable hotels to focus more resources on providing better intrinsic value and services to travellers around the globe.

And right now they’re raising money through an ICO, and running a contest where a lucky backer will win FREE HOTELS FOR LIFE!

The Great GOeureka ICO Bonanza


  • Anyone who purchases GOT Tokens during the private sale, pre ICO or ICO will be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • Limited to one prize per person
  • All users stand an equal chance of winning each prize
  • The winner will get an allocation of 15 nights a year for the rest of their life…

That’s a pretty hardcore game they’re getting into, the OTA hotel market — but there is an outside possibility that using cryptocurrencies to reduce payment friction could actually upset things. We read their whitepaper — recommend you do too, if you’re interested in the hotel booking business, and at the very least, they’ve accurately identified the pain points in the current system!


p dir=”ltr”>Now, whether their plan to turn GOT Tokens into a hotel booking currency will gain any traction … well, put it this way, it is an extremely speculative investment, but it does address a real opportunity. If you’re in a position to make high-risk investments, this is certainly one you’ll want to take a close look at!


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