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Hmmm, starting to get a little concerned about our #travel1k rankings; they’re out for the week of April 4th and they again don’t think we made any blog posts! And so we’re still down in the depths at #179. Pffft!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Stefania (up 1196 places to 514th), Monica Stott (up 1152 places to 494th), and Matt MattCharles McCool, and Jeana Travels.

Eh, well, keep plugging away, and while we’re doing that let’s go look for the highest rated new one to check out this week … here we are, at #10 up from #58: @2TravelDads’s 2TravelDads!

#travel #blog 2TravelDads


We’ve decided to expand our team, expand our site and expand our viewpoints! After a few years of just having the Taylor Dads sharing tips and stories of being a two-dad family, we’re really proud and excited to add to the team.  Let us introduce some really incredible, proud parents who will be sharing via 2TravelDads in the upcoming year:

Jon Bailey – 2 Dads With Baggage

2DadsWithBaggage follows two gay dads and their two teen daughters as they live, love and laugh their way through life. “Visiting other places around the globe helps us see the bigger picture: that our lives are part of a much greater community made up of people just like us, only completely different. The space between is what truly matters, and our little family enjoys the exploration…”

Andy LaBadie – West Seattle Dads

Andy grew up in Ohio and relocated to Seattle in 2013. He has a BS in Education and English, and MAEd in Educational Leadership.  He has worked as an elementary school teacher, a building principal, and in curriculum development at the district level. He is married to Dan, a Family Physician and is the proud “Papa” of twins Elcie and Calder. His interests include travel, hiking, reading, politics, and being active in the outdoors…

Hmmm, well, that “incurable case of wanderlust” is pretty much limited to the United States so far, and we’ve seen enough of that more visits aren’t a big ping on our radar …

Court King and Rafael Gondim – The Wind Expedition

Court and Rafael have over 20 years in combined experience in education, both having served in the Peace Corps. They are interested in sharing their love of travel and knowledge of education with a wide audience as they sail with their son on their catamaran from France, down the European coast, and beyond…

That seems to add up to at least eight Travel Dads, it seems, but hey, rebranding is a hassle, isn’t it? Anyways, seems like a good branding exercise: gay travelling is a niche, family travelling is a niche … combine them and now you have two!

Learned a new word here today too: “Worldschooling!” That’s a thing now?

Worldschooling: making the decision to homeschool and travel as a family

Like I said, worldschooling means something different to everybody.  What it means for us is taking the principles of homeschooling and the knowledge that travel in itself is an education, and melding the two together. Worldschooling is learning math and science at home while we are also studying about our next destination and what we’ll find. It’s mixing different languages into our conversations so the kids develop an understanding and appreciation for speaking another’s language.

There’s no doubt that travel is an education on its own, so we are trying to take that educational opportunity and turn it into something more. Even before either of our kids were school-aged we knew that they were learning a lot by the adventures we would take them on. Is there any better way to learn the basics of science and nature than by being out in the world and observing it firsthand? Do kids really understand the purpose of learning a second or third language if they are always at home just speaking English?

Worldschooling for us is finding the gaps that we believe exist in a public school experience and filling those gaps with the sites, cultures, and nature that we can find on the road or in another country…

Well, that certainly sounds significantly more enticing than the general run of school. We ended up getting “worldschooled” as pretty much a last resort — a bored adolescent troll is a bit of a trial, shall we say, and we finally got kicked onto a tall ship for our last year of school either because they figured the extra stimulation might actually work, or because they figured the damage we could do would be most safely contained bn an overgrown sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic. But that’s another story altogether…

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s the standard WordPress + Jetpack setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and a normal set of plugins as well.

Since this blog is just about as inapplicable to our traveling lifestyle as it is in fact possible to get, and mostly focused on the US to boot, we don’t think we’ll pop back here very often; but if you are in the appropriate niches, check it out! Particularly that worldschooling thing, if you want to grow your kids up right, exposing them to the world is a great idea…

… our parents did and look how awesome we turned out!

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