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OK, we’re definitely not fans of this new ranking method the #travel1k guys have replaced Klout with; for the week of May 30th we’ve plummeted from #190 waaay down to #358. Ouch! Well, we did only get two posts in since we were off diving in Koh Tao and all, so hopefully we’ll get back on track next week…

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Sophie Oohmyworld (up 763 places to 638th), Céline JePapote (up 468 places to 236th), and A Woman (up 396 places to 772nd).

Well done to this week’s top three Matt MattCharles McCool (McCool Travel), and Rick Griffin.

In the meantime, let’s continue looking at the people who are managing to thrive with the new ranking system, and for this week our new blog is at #19 up from #20: @AskChefDennis’s Ask Chef Dennis!


I am a retired Chef and Culinary Instructor, now living the dream in Sunny Florida working on my second career as a Food & Travel Blogger, Private Chef, Content Creator and Digital Strategist. Eating my way around the World sharing my adventures & my recipes.

During this new phase of my culinary journey as a Food & Travel Blogger, I’ve amassed an impressive combined following of more than 1.8+ Million on my social channels with more than 150 million views on my Google profile.

Besides my blogging and social media, I have been described as a pioneer in the Live Streaming arena as a participant and speaker. Over the years I’ve kept up on new developments, learning as much as I can about what I consider the future of social media and the best way to connect with an audience…

On the one hand, we’re the kind of people who enjoy appreciating other people’s cooking —

— specifically, that of @PatsitKobkaew the best live-in chef in Thailand —

— on the other hand, just looking at the Recipes page here is enough to make us question our life choices that way. Especially when we look at how gracefully he works the sponsored product in, check out in particular

Master Your Summer with the All-american Hot Dog Bar

Really wouldn’t have occurred to me hot dogs were something you could make look delicious, but well there you go.

On the travel side, well, let’s just look at for example

My Culinary Experience on a Viking River Cruise #myvikingstory

There’s over a dozen tentative and inscribed World Heritage properties along that stretch of the Danube … and we get over a dozen pictures of the food on board, and zero of any of those heritage properties. Not that it isn’t very nice food and all, but our priorities are very, very, different indeed.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s the standard WordPress + Jetpack setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and what we’re pretty sure is the most comprehensive set of advertising plugins that we’ve seen on any of these blogs yet, as well as full CloudFlare backing and all, this is definitely a nice piece of work this site is!

So there you go; if you are a chef and/or foodie type, this would be an excellent blog for you to follow indeed…

… if you’re more like us and food pretty much never enters your planning unless it’s something special like Bugs Cafe, not quite so compelling, in fact we were mildly surprised to find we were already a Twitter follower as we don’t recall any tweets from here jumping out at us —


p dir=”ltr”>— but we’ll keep following in case something does!

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  1. Thanks for the mention in your post. And you’re right for me its about having a great time on the trip and people t hat send me on trips want me to talk about the food rather than the destination.
    With the old system I was always in the top 50 and was 30 something before the change. I was also in the top 15 social influencer list from rise and now I’m in the 90’s. Which still isn’t bad considering things.

    My complaint with the Travel listing is I know a few of the people in the top really scam the system, tagging the same 15-20 people with every post. To me that’s not influence. And you’re right there really needs to be a better ranking system.

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by! I don’t actually take these rankings particularly seriously, except that the people at the top have figured out how to make a living at this blogging thing so every week I do a check my ranking post and take a look at someone new — I figure that’s a much better education than any of these “HOW TO TRAVEL BLOG” courses are likely to be!

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