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And in the latest gyration of our wild yoyoing on the #travel1k leaderboard, for the week of December 6th … a wild plunge from #74 down to #132nd. Sigh. Can’t stop posting for even a weekend to keep that rating up, can we?

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Becky (English Mum) (up 413 places to 321st), Arti Shah (up 393 places to 461st), and Liza Tripsget (up 366 places to 244th).

Well done to this week’s top three Jeana TravelsCharles McCool, and Matt Matt.

So let’s put aside that disappointment by looking for a new blog to check out: and here’s our highest new one, at #6 up from #20: @bigwsmallp‘s Big World Small Pockets!


Hi there, my name’s Steph and I’m a travel addict! Never one for staying at home and working for too long, I’ve always had to make sure I can travel cheap to fund my nomadic lifestyle.

Big World Small Pockets was created to share with you the highs and lows of happy, healthy budget travel – the sort of real, wild, global adventuring that fires up minds and sets hearts racing. I hope you enjoy it!

Indeed, Ms. Steph has got this blogger thing down:

Absolute Africa Review

So if you’ve been following me at all on social media over the last few months, you’ll pretty much know that I’ve been on the trip of a lifetime in a landscape made of travel dreams!

Yep 48 days overlanding through Southern and East Africa is the kind of trip many dream about… and I’m lucky enough to have experienced it! …

… So yes, I was lucky enough to work with Absolute Africa on my overland trip…

Call us cynical, but we have our doubts that “lucky” has much of anything to with it; we’ll bet that Steph worked darn hard to get to the point she’s getting sponsored for trips like that…

… and she’s going straight on the short list of Role Models To Pattern Ourselves On, yeppers!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s WordPress self-hosted + Jetpack, as these high ranking blogs nearly always are; same as us, and we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that.

So yep, full recommendation you follow this blog, as we will be: exotic budget travel stories and tips, that’s what a great life’s all about!

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