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Another week’s flown past already, so let’s go visit the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of August 9th to find our new blog to check out this week; and here we go, up 12 spots to #10: @jackiedeburca’s Catalonia & Valencia!

And this is definitely an interesting “blog” — it’s not done as a traditional blog at all, but in the style of a travel guide to the area, and why yes if you are heading to Spain you should definitely check it out — in particular, this excellent page

UNESCO Heritage Sites Catalonia – 9 Wonders of Catalonia

Top notch work all around here, if you do feel like working on a destination guide rather than a general ramble like we do here, absolutely you should take this place as an excellent model to be inspired by.

Another interesting thing over here is that the actual blog-resembling part is being presented as an online magazine,

Magic of Spain Magazine

and even more interesting is how it came to be:

Magic of Spain Magazine is part of the Travel Inspires brand, created by the author of Salvador Dalí at Home (release: October 2018), travel writer, Jackie de Burca. 

Jackie relocated to Spain in 2003 from Dublin, Ireland. She has a degree in Pure History from Trinity College Dublin and is trained in journalism, video production and film direction with Louis Lentin.

Dalí and Gala
Photo by Narcís Sans, in Portlligat

The prestigious London publishing house, Frances Lincoln, approached Jackie to write this beautifully illustrated book about the artistic genius, Salvador Dalí, having discovered some of her work online…

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress technology stack, couple plugins new to us but that’s about it. Nice example of how you can use WordPress as a CMS though.

So there’s what you can happen if you go for the full on domain expert route — not what we’ll do personally, but we certainly recommend you bookmark them for when you are heading to their domain!


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