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The last couple weeks we’ve been somewhat less than enthused at our #travel1k rating, but will you look at this for the week of November 29th … why, we’ve leapt from #287 all the way up to #74! Excellent. Excellent!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Carola Bieniek (up 402 places to 134th), One World 2 Travelers (up 337 places to 210th), and Travel Lexx (up 299 places to 220th).

We welcome our two new travel bloggers Karthik H (583rd), and Katie Collins (642nd). to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs scorecard.

Well done to this week’s top three Howard Blount (Backroad Planet / #TBIN)Matt Matt, and Charles McCool.

While we’re basking in the warm glow of that accomplishment…

… hey, that’s The Secret To Happiness™, low expectations …

… let’s look for a new blog to check out, and here we are, at #12 up from #40: @davestravelpage‘s Dave’s Travel Pages!


Hi! I’m Dave, and I’ve spent over 20 years exploring this beautiful world of ours mainly by bicycle. I currently live in Athens, and use this travel blog to share my travel experiences. It’s been online since 2005, and there are literally thousands of travel tips, travel blog posts, and destination guides published here.

Over time, I have become known as a down-to-earth expert in two completely unrelated travel niches. The first is bicycle touring, and the second is Athens and Greece. I certainly never started out with that in mind – It’s funny how life works out!

Yep, that’s definitely an offbeat pair. Best way to cut down on competition right? Hey, whatever works!

I think that bicycle touring is the perfect way to travel. You can move at a pace slow enough to enjoy everything around you, whilst covering enough distance to move steadily through a region. It keeps you fit, is eco-friendly, and presents a perfect combination of challenge, adventure, and accomplishment.

It’s also a little bit addictive. My first bicycle touring adventure was to cycle around New Zealand. After that, I cycled from England to Cape Towncycled from Alaska to Argentina, and cycled from Greece to England. I’ve never really kept a track of how much distance it totals, but I guess it is over 40,000 kms by now!

If you are a bicycling person, then you definitely want to follow Messr. Dave; even if you’re not, check out the stories — Alaska to Argentina?? We’re veritably awed, we are!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s WordPress self-hosted + Jetpack, the usual search and SEO plugins, totally standard travel blog technology stack that we recommend Dreampress for.

Anyhow, while we certainly understand the appeal of the Dave approach, we like to cram as many wildly different far-flung experiences into our travel time as we can, so we won’t be invading his niche any time in the foreseeable future … but we’ll certainly follow him with interest!

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