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Aw, no; and we were just getting all proud last week at being #20 on the #travel1k leaderboard…

… and for the week of January 24th we have like one travel retweet — and doooooown we pluuuuunge to #92. Woof!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Kaki Jalans (up 701 places to 121st), a La Fin De La Route (up 450 places to 672nd), and Dose of Life (up 429 places to 78th).

We also welcome Bright Nomad ✈ (163rd) to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs scorecard.

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCoolMatt Matt, and Melody Pittman.

But our misfortune is other bloggers’ gain, specifically our new blog to check out tjos week, who leaped wildly to #4 up from #94: @DrifterPlanets DrifterPlanet!



Hello there, welcome to our travel blog. We’re Sonal & Sandro – digital nomads and travel addicts. We often slip into an imaginary world, thanks to our fantasy fiction addiction. We love seeing a magical side of the places that we visit, which is reflected in our travel photos and stories.Even though we are from different countries (India and Germany), our love for travel made us meet each other and we eventually decided to get married in India. Interesting story, eh?

We write about things we love. Our motto is to “travel like a happy hippie” and we try to spread happiness wherever we go…

We do notice that travelling and a taste for fantasy do seem to go together a lot — certainly that’s true for us, not much we like better than reading fantasy to relax, and you may recall The Fairytale Traveller who’s raised mixing fandom and travel to a veritable art form.

(There might be some deep psychological insight there. Or it might just be that people who love exotic adventure like to do it as well as read about it…)

And this blog is definitely going on the follow list, we’re suckers for anybody who goes to exotic places that we have high on the want to see list, and why look here they just posted about Turkey’s “Cotton Castle” pools:

Pamukkale, Turkey – Spectacular Travertine Thermal Pools [+ Hierapolis]

Yep, those should be on anybody’s short list of magical places. Next time we’re back in Turkey we’ll be sure to check those out!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that; standard set of plugins as well.


p dir=”ltr”>And also, this blog really has the social media thing down … they give you multiple nicely formatted options for pinning the post to Pinterest. Us, so far we just grab the first picture off Flickr and upload it. Things to do: Sort out Pinterest as well as these folks!

So there we go, another blog we wholeheartedly recommend as we’re going to be following it ourselves, offbeat exotic places FTW!


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