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Another Wednesday, and another set of #travel1k rankings for the week of February 14th … and although it did pick up on six blog posts at the new address here, our Klout score is down and it seems to have missed all our #travel tweets! Well, that’s still good to climb 86 places back up to #132, so looks like the name change is more of a hiccup than a complete disaster, so that’s all well and good.

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Road Unraveled (up 470 places to 221st), Rachael Sandon (up 370 places to 417th), and Charles McCoolHeather Delaney Reese, and Matt Matt.

And for this week, we find our new blog to vist at #11 up from #15: @followsummergg’s followsummer!


Consistently ranked in the top 100 of #travel1k Top Travel Blogs by Rise Market Insight, our aim is to create engaging content on a weekly basis from contributors in Canada, Australia, the US, and the United Kingdom.

It’s the enthusiasm and ability to love what we do while providing our audience with education, entertainment and the ability to join us on our adventures around the world that makes us the go-to travel web site for experiential travel content.

Known as a mature and sophisticated travel booking and advice portal, we offer expertise, commentary and personal insight on living travel: the food, hotels, wine, flights; the thousands of life details that ebb and flow and make travel truly alive.

There’s eleven contributors in all on the About page, but the cofounders are

John Mountain — is a business executive and co-founder of the followsummer.com travel blog and is active in a number of community organizations.  He is a proud Canadian who is thankful to come from a country that truly celebrates diversity of all types, wherein December 2003 he was able to marry Gregory George, the love of his life.

Gregory George — World Traveler, Writer and Blogger, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the followsummer.com travel blog.  A former Actor, current shower-singer and non-hipster foodie. Loves his week-end house in St Marys, Ontario. Happily married to John Mountain and Dad to Sophia and Ariel, two of the best cats in the world.

Ah, fellow Canadians. You see where the “Follow Summer” idea would come from, then. Personally, we got to Thailand and decided to stay in summer, that’s the only season here…

First off, looking at their Twitter feed we learned about tweepsmap:

Hey, that’s pretty cool. We’ve still found Heroic Social the only Twitter manager to seriously consider paying for, but we’ll definitely give these mapping people a look too!

The content itself is wide-ranging but at first quick glance seems mostly standard tourist destinations; however these fellows definitely have a flair for the evocaive:

An Entire Year of Following Summer

There were a few tears shed as we flew through the afternoon, on our way to our first summer stop in Los Angeles. The movie on the flight was “Under the Tuscan Sun”. The name of the villa, Bramasole, means “yearning for the sun”, and was an apt description of the year we were about to begin. Some particular quotes from the movie stand out: “Terrible idea! – don’t you just love them!” and “Regrets are a waste of time.” I believe there are no coincidences, so I take all of this as a good omen for our journey.

Outside that night, at our friends Del and Larry’s Hollywood house, the surprisingly clear LA air was wet and sensuous with the smell of eucalyptus. Inside, when we opened our luggage we discovered that Carmela had tucked little remembrances into our bags, and so we end the day thinking again of the trade-offs we made – exchanging a home, a life, careers, friends and family for a voyage of exploration of the new, and hopefully of self-discovery. An entire year of following summer…


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Just substitute “rest of our life” for “year” and hey that’s good for us too!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; on the light side, only see AdSense for advertising and not even the accustomed Yoast SEO which almost everybody has. Seem to be doing fine without it though!

Soooo, we’ll give this one a mild recommendation; nothing particularly unusual jumps out at us aside from the considerably more stylish writing than you generally find; but it’s wideranging enough to follow it ourselves, and for you to at least check out!


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