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Dude, what? Another week and the #travel1k rankings not only still aren’t picking up our blog posts, for the week of April 25th they dropped Twitter activity too! So we have this very strange scorecard:

Sub-Total 0.00
Hidden Metrics 48.30

… and that’s a 97-place drop to #287. Well, that the secret part still ranks us that high is good … we guess?

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Becki Enright (up 1283 places to 428th), Marysia Maciocha (up 1135 places to 575th), and Anick-Marie (up 1133 places to 488th).
Eh, whatever. So as usual let’s go check out a new blog up there where we’d like to be, shall we? Here we are, at #10 up from #58: @TravelWell4Less’s Traveling Well For Less!

Well done to this week’s top three Howard Blount (Backroad Planet / #TBIN)Matt Matt, and Charles McCool.

Well, our loss is other people’s gain and all, and our new blog to check out today is a big gainer up from #51 to #15: @FoodTravelist’s Food Travelist!


Are You A Food Travelist?

If you like to…

Discover new foods and new places

Learn about different cultures through food and drink

Share stories and ideas with others

Explore great brands, destinations and experiences

Exchange recipes, recommendations and resources

Whether you’re a culinary professional or home cook

World traveler or armchair explorer

If you love to eat, travel and dish with others


Personally, we don’t even vaguely qualify for nearly any of those, our approach to eating while traveling is pretty much to find the oddest thing available, particularly things Western cultures don’t think of as edible. Only once so far have we turned down an opportunity, and that was just a couple weeks ago in Palau…

… mind you, if we’d run out of other new things to try whilst we were there, we’d no doubt have gotten around to the bat too. But “cute little fruit bat” is a culinary experience we’re just not going to ever feel very remorseful about missing out on.

However, that kind of exotic delicacy doesn’t seem to be on the menu (heh) here; the posts are more along the lines of

The Best Tea in the World

… One of our first trips to Asia was to Beijing, China. We were lucky enough to stay at a friend’s place for a week that was amidst the hutongs. These long narrow alleyways are filled with activities, shops and homes. We found many tea shops in the neighborhood. Our biggest find was the Famous Tea of China Shop in the “NLGX” Nanluaguxiang shopping district…

Odd that we should fall upon that in particular, given that just two posts ago we finished up with a picture of being a food travelist in Nanluaguxiang. Nothing like a little self-contradiction to keep you guessing, yep.

Speaking of which, the only other example of a food mentioning post here that springs to mind immediately is our Potala Palace writeup —

— featuring the delectable, the nourishing, the life-affirming Tibetan butter tea. How did that not make your best tea in the world list? It certainly tops ours!



p dir=”ltr”>Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s the standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; mostly basic plugins but a quite wide set of affiliate and advertising plugins.

So if you are a food-centered traveler, this looks like an excellent blog for you to follow; our tastes run more to the adventurous and esoteric, but we’ll put @FoodTravelist on the Twitter resource list to share their interesting food posts with our tweeps — tap over and join them!

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