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Another Wednesday, another #travel1k leaderboard release for the week of October 25th while we were on our way to Moscow (yep, show went great, thanks for asking), and we are … up to #108! Still not back in the top 100 … but close!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Betsy Wuebker (up 331 places to 163rd), A Woman (up 323 places to 299th), and Alessandra Granata (up 298 places to 162nd).

We welcome our two new travel bloggers Margo(1642nd). to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs board.

Well done to this week’s top three Jeana TravelsCharles McCool, and Melody Pittman.

So let’s find a new blog to check out this week … ah, here we are, at #5 up from #53: @FunInFairfax‘s Fun in Fairfax VA!

That’s an … oddly specific focus to find topping the social charts, wouldn’t you think?

Julie and Charles McCool are long-time Virginia residents, avid local explorers, and parents of twins. We are committed to finding fun wherever we travel, and sharing it with our readers. We also share travel tips and destination advice at McCoolTravel.com.

Ahhhhh, that explains it. When you’re the distaff side of the McCool Travel operation, that would be a nice piece of synergy no doubt.

Not to take anything away from the blog itself, mind you, certainly appears well maintained and written and all, just that at the moment it seems extremely unlikely indeed that we’re likely to be planning a trip to Northern Virginia any time in the foreseeable future.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress technology stack as usual, although there are an unusually wide selection of advertising plugins. We’ll get around to focusing on monetization one of these days, but getting our content production to a steady flow is still the main task!

So yep, if you are in fact fascinated with Northern Virginia, this appears to be a destination blog par excellence. However, since we did in fact spend a few months living in Baltimore waaaaaaay back in the day, we’ve done that area pretty thoroughly, we’ll stick with the offbeat places around these parts!

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