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OK, back down from the Kingdom of the Clouds to the prosaic world today; let’s head over to the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of August 23rd to see how we’re doing this week —

— why, number #192, how nice, thank you all for liking us —

— and find our new blog to check out this week; and here it is, up from #15 last week to #11: @anuradhagoyal’s IndiTales!


IndiTales – an award-winning travel blog from India covering Indian & International tourism destinations. We love admiring the art, history, culture and art history of the tourism destinations and bring back to you the must-see things in India and the world. We love to walk around cities and bring them to you as walking tours. We visit the museums and tell you what not to miss there. We go on jungle safaris and bring back nature trails for you. We travel the offbeat roads and bring you the road trips. We share our travel tips and of course, the travel stories we met on the road.

Wait, what? An Indian travel blogger? Then odds are we’re not actually done with the Kingdom of the Clouds run yet, let’s just do a search … and will you look at that:

Bhutan Travel — An Experience of a Traveler

Bhutan Visit – For The First Time Tourists

Getting Stuck At The India-Bhutan Border

And even better, she’s a World Heritage traveller too, check out that article collection for a bunch of WHS we’ll bet you haven’t heard of before.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress technology stack, like the overwhelming majority of these blogging sites are, and nothing particuarly unusual in the way of plugins.

Well, this is rather a refreshing change from the general run of blogs covering more or less the same places in Europe and North America everyone else covers too —

— we’ve done a fairly respectable job of covering South Asia by Westerners’ standards, but there’s a whole lot still to go, and this looks like a most excellent blog indeed to bookmark as a resource for that!


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