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Oh dear, not a good week for us on the #travel1k charts; last week we were at #115, and for the week of July 18th missed a couple days posting, didn’t tweet so much … and poof, down we slide to #169. Time to work even harder!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Cheryl & Lisa (up 1131 places to 359th), Travelling Slacker (up 641 places to 161st), and SoundOfDee (up 572 places to 1126th).

We welcome our two new travel bloggers Sahil Singh(1684th) to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs scorecard.

Well done to this week’s top three Matt MattCharles McCool (McCool Travel), and Rick Griffin.

And for our new blog to check out this week, let’s see here … at #20 up from #75: @BeyondBex’s Life Beyond Borders!

#travel #blog Life Beyond Borders


Welcome to my site! Here you can read all about me and why I set up this travel & life abroad blog. Have a surf around, become inspired: As a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers, I cover Alternative, Solo and Luxury Travel, Greek culture; its islands & lifestyle plus ‘alternative’ travel means such as the ‘slow boat’ by container ship. – Enjoy and go beyond your borders!

OK now, this is the first of these reviews we’ve found a blog of an actual professional travel writer, Rough Guides in particular, for instance:

Now that’s the monetization model we’d like to emulate here!

And there is some very offbeat content here: check out the Container Ship Travel section for starters!

Travelling to Hong Kong by Container Ship

Remember back in February I posted about my proposed trip by container ship to Australia? I then further investigated my fears about this, especially given the pirate activity in the Indian Ocean.

Anyway, after discussions with the shipping agent and a long think, plus that discussion with my father, I decided to go for it! …

…so in total: 31 days from Piraeus to Hong Kong and spend a few days in Hong Kong.Looking at this itinerary, the longest stretch at sea will be between Jeddah and Colombo (8 days) and then Tanjung Pelepas to Kaohsiung (6 days).

How will I spend my days I wonder?  Well, don’t forget I’ve already travelled by container ship across the Atlantic, so I am aware of what to expect.  It’s a good job I now have a Kindle to store loads of good reading material before I go – plus write up a fantastic log of my journey!


p dir=”ltr”>Now that, that’s an adventure well worth reading. And there’s plenty more, archives here are well worth clicking around in.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress + Jetpack setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and a pretty standard set of plugins as well, although none of the regular advertising sort; looks like the writing gig and a CafePress shop are enough to keep this blog rolling.

Alrighty then, this blog gets our top recommendation to follow; educational, esoteric, and enjoyable, the perfect trifecta! Just precisely the kind of thing we intend this blog to be, stick around and watch it happen!


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