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Another week on the #travel1k charts, and from last week‘s #169 just a little tick upwards for the week of July 25th just a little tick upwards to #163; actually getting out there and doing some travelling does keep your posting down, bah. Next week we’ll be up again for sure!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Nancy Brown (up 1469 places to 118th), Heather Delaney Reese (up 1351 places to 29th), and James Clark (up 1113 places to 568th).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Stef Travel Photographer, and Matt Matt.

And for our new blog to check out this week let’s go to #28 up from #39: @LuxeTiffany’s Luxe Tiffany!

#travel #blog Luxe Tiffany


Tiffany Dowd is a global luxury hotel expert known as Luxe Tiffany and Founder & President of Luxe Social Media. She is a contributing luxury travel writer to various luxury travel publications including The Telegraph, USA Today and US News & World Report. 

She is recognized as an online social media influencer in luxury travel as @LuxeTiffany and was recently named one of the “25 Best Luxury Digital Experts To Follow” alongside digital experts from Apple, Burberry, Michael Kors and Ritz-Carlton.

Her company, Luxe Social Media advises global luxury travel brands on social media marketing and online strategy. She is frequently quoted as a luxury travel expert in Forbes, Luxury Daily and other recognized publications.

Originally from Palos Verdes Estates, California, Tiffany currently resides in the Boston area with her husband, J.B. when not traveling around the world.

Yep, well, as you’ve probably noticed, around here our approach to travel is more on the end of “doing without what most people would consider basic necessities, like sleeping” not the luxury side of things…

… unless we’re heading off somewhere like the Amirante Islands where the only way to tick that one off our visit list is to be flown into a private luxury resort of course!

So reviews like

Faena in Wonderland

There’s a fairytale like feeling you get when you first enter Faena Miami Beach hotel’s “cathedral” hallway with its eight, 30-foot long red carpet and brilliantly colored floor to ceiling murals. The elaborate “The Way to Futopia” artwork depicts significant moments of knowledge, love, war, passion and nature by Argentine painter Juan Gatti, and it sets the stage for an experience that’s part fantasy and every bit luxury…

… well, while we quite thoroughly understand that to a large proportion of people Ms. Tiffany is living the dream, to us a hotel is a place to collapse in exhaustion and all the luxury is pretty much wasted on us.

Although there are some here that do look interesting if we ever felt like a nice treat, we will say, like

Chic in Shanghai: The Middle House

In a few weeks I’ll be heading to one of the chicest hotels to open in Shanghai, The Middle House, located in the bustling Jing’an District of Shanghai and the city’s trendy Nanjing West Road. The hotel is the newest addition to Swire Hotels’ renowned The House Collective, featuring 111 luxuriously designed guest rooms from 50 to 100 sqm and 102 luxurious serviced residences. Italian designer and architect Piero Lissoni brings his signature mix of bold lines and clean silhouettes into every detail…


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So yep, if you do like a large helping of luxury … or dreams of luxury, anyways … on your travel news menu, this is a top resource for you. Consider it a complement to the remote, obscure, and almost always luxury lacking travels on this blog!


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