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Let’s head over to the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of July 26th to find our new blog to check out this week; and the highest we haven’t checked out yet is up 2 spots to #14: Make Time To See The World!


Hi! I’m Vicki, a lawyer from the UK who took the long route (9+ years!) to professional qualification – before realizing 3 month later that it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I walked away from a corporate salary to focus on inspiring others to MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld through this website and travel writing for other publications…

Following 4 years of non-stop travel, we have settled in Melbourne and can honestly say we prefer the part-time travel lifestyle. We are firm believers that travel and a regular 9 to 5 job are not exclusive – and that you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel well and often. There is a great big, beautiful world out there – and we want to experience everything it has to offer!

Yep, all our lives we’ve been doing the part-time travel lifestyle; we’d like to travel more and more often mind you, but we definitely agree that you need a home base to recharge in between trips.

Content looks worth following but not wildly out of the ordinary trip reporting … ooh, there are a couple of excellent helper posts here to go over in great detail once we get our content built up a bit:

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money

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And look at that, we’re mutual followers with @VickiLouise86 already, so we definitely recommend their Twitter feed!

[EDIT: Not only do we recommend it, just noticed we retweeted one of theirs 15 hours ago. Seriously, we had no idea when we sat down to write this.]

Interestingly, same as last week this one is a WordPress.com blog as well. We still recommend that you should host your own WordPress installation for the flexibility that provides you …

… but the evidence is mounting that doing so is definitely optional!


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