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Let’s check in today on the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of May 17th shall we? #1 and #2 are same as the last couple, but we have a new #3: MEL365.com!

Hi, my name is Stef and I am the founder of MEL365. My background is in IT and Travel Distribution Systems. After 20 years of travelling for work I decide to take my passion to a professional level and leave my first career behind me. I like to call it first half of my life.In 2013 I re-branded MEL365.com and took it from a photography website dedicated to the Melbourne area, to a travel & photography website dedicated to the globe.

Why, that’s not completely unlike ourselves! Well, except for being any good at photography. But, y’know, we’ll be seeing what we can do about that, and it sure looks like this blog would be a big help:

What does MEL365 provide you:

  • Photo journeys. Photography is our visual representation of the trip. Our articles are made of thousands of words with many stunning photos made by us.
  • Tutorials to help improving every aspect of the travel photography
  • Guides to help you selecting the best gear for your kind of trip
  • Cameras and lenses reviews, testing and looking at the characteristics requested by the travellers
  • Best locations to take photos in the world
  • Inspiring interviews with some of the most interesting photographers and artists

Well, that doesn’t really need any further exposition; if you’re interested in serious travel photography, for sure you want to bookmark this blog!

We’ll leave you with this article for further reading next time you visit Bangkok — getting close to a year here now and lots of things we didn’t know about here:

Guide with the Best places to make a photo in Bangkok – Maps, tips and shopping


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