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So, Dear Readers, you might have noticed this humble blog’s postings and access being a little … rocky … this week? Well, we were enabling its distribution via CloudFlare to get its speed up, and that went somewhat less than completely smoothly. But everything should be copacetic now!

However, apparently they tried to check our posts for the #travel1k charts during our downtime — last week we were at #124, and for the week of September 19th they don’t think we made any posts, so we plunged to … #618! Yikes! However, it’s mildly interesting that even without any posts, our Twitter and other metrics keep us even that high. So looking forward to a big jump back up next week!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from $udeep Sudeep (up 1383 places to 264th), Leyla Giray Alyanak (up 1138 places to 564th), and Karin-Marijke & Coen (up 811 places to 891st).

Well done to this week’s top three Matt MattCharles McCool (McCool Travel), and Stef Travel Photographer.

On the other hand, some people went remarkably the other direction this week, such as our new one to check out at #10 up from #242: @mytravellicious’s My Travellicious!

#travel #blog My Travellicious


The MyTravellicious blog is written in both Malay and English by a group of travelers eager to bring to the world their passion for everything travel-related online for readers to enjoy. Their stories cover delicious foods found in different restaurants of Malaysia, reviews on accommodation, and the variety of exciting activities waiting for their readers when they visit.  

Hi. My name is Fadli. I was born in the land of Hornbill, Kuching, Sarawak in Borneo. I work as Marine Engineer and a seaferer. I work for 6 months and I will having a holiday for 3 months. Backpacking is my passion during my holiday. Instead of that, I love to write about my journey. I am now into travel vlogging (Video Blogging)!

I always describe my journey as FUN and ADVENTUROUS. Yes, I am fun to be with. I am funny and I love to be around people that can me laugh. I am really random in my travelling…

There’s a number of interesting countries here we haven’t been to, like Mongolia and Iran … but almost all of them are in Malay with none-to-minimal English translations, it seems. Bah! Well, let’s see what they think of our home country, we don’t generally check those in these reviews:

Rocky Mountaineer – Explore Canadian Wilderness Like Never Before

Regarded as one of the best rail journeys in the world, the Rocky Mountaineer is a life changing experience. This rail journey to see the famous Canadian Rockies and the Western Canadian region of British Colombia and Alberta passes through glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains and river canyons. View all of Canada’s glory in a new way. On top of that, Canada has also been named the Best Travel Destination in 2017 by Lonely Planets. Therefore, this gives another reason to visit Canada and explore the beauty it offers…


p dir=”ltr”>Well, I suppose we could hardly disagree with such a nice opinion, could we? Mind you, after visiting Bhutan and Kashmir and the like, the Rockies look more like foothills to us these days, but they are rather pretty we’ll give them that.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s … not a WordPress setup? Well, will you look at that, pretty sure this is the very first site we’ve reviewed here that uses Blogger! That’s definitely different, but hey appares to be working for them, and would certainly be less hosting overhead as a way to start … and no Cloudflare problems either, we betcha.

Well, if you are a native Malay speaker, this is unquestionably the best — as it’s the only — travel blog we’ve found in your language yet, but if as is more likely you find Malay to be a puzzlement, looks like this one is best noted as a reference tool for when you visit Malaysia: more destination info on its various regions here than you’ll find anywhere else we know!


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