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Well, isn’t this nice? Our march back up the #travel1k charts continues apace — from last week’s #157 up to for the week of July 4th an even more pleasing #121! Good, good, keep on reading everybody and we’ll be back into the double digits soon!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from the Talking Sloth (up 825 places to 577th), Travel Blog (up 788 places to 614th), and Italy Chronicles (up 751 places to 467th).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Matt Matt, and Christina Pfeiffer.

And looking for a new blog to check out this week … oh, quite a ways down we go, at #25 up from #45: @sheriannekay’s Out Of Office!

#travel #blog Out Of Office


I’m Sherianne and these are my Out of Office adventures. I work a full-time job. I live in Southern California on a single income and I love to travel. Not an ideal combination. There is never enough money and it is never a good time to step away from my life. Several years ago I decided I was going anyway and I would worry about the consequences when I got back. Not my personality at all. I’m a planner.  And practical. I don’t take chances. I knew if I didn’t ‘just do it’ I never would.  And… BEST DECISION EVER! Since then I have traveled internationally and crossed some great items off my bucketlist.

Out of Office is a travel blog dedicated to helping you escape the office and travel. Browse the site for itineraries, destination guides, inspiration and travel tips designed to help you travel effortlessly. Use the Travel Tips Section for information on travel planningpackingbudgetstravel safetyphotography tips and more. Use the Destination Section for travel itineraries and guides; browse my Out of Office Adventures for travel inspiration. Don’t let your age, budget or status stop you from seeing the world. Balancing work, life and travel can be difficult. But it is possible and I want to inspire you to get the most out of your time Out of Office and create memories you can cherish forever.

That’s certainly the right attitude to have! We’ve got pretty much a 100% been there rate on the visits here, but a section particularly worth checking out is

Street Art

That’s something we don’t generally go out of our way to seek out — although we’ve been to every city on the list here except Honolulu, the only “street” art of this collection we’ve seen is

Stockholm Subway Art: The World’s Longest Art Exhibit

Stockholm’s Subway (Tunnelbana, T-Bana) is often referred to as the world’s longest art exhibit. The project was initiated in the late 1950’s with the goal of bringing art to the community. 90 of Stockholm’s 100 stations are adorned with tiles, mosaics, paintings and sculptures from 150 artists. Stockholm Subway Art themes are dramatic and vibrant or subtle, some depict a message, some are just fun! 

And we can assure you, the Stockholm subway is in fact something you shouldn’t miss on your visit, there definitely is no other subway in the world that’s an art adventure like it is!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress + JetPack setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and what appears to be almost no plugins at all, Yoast and ShareThis are the only ones we see here — no monetization we can see anywhere. Little unusual, that.

Although it doesn’t overlap much with our regular interests, we’re still putting this one on the follow list, mainly because Ms. Sherianne has quite the eye for composition — the photos here are consistently much better than anything we take! Particularly impressed with

The Las Vegas Strip Photo Essay


p dir=”ltr”>We lived there for a little while and routinely walked right by all the photo subjects here, and wow we never took any pictures that look this good. We’ll keep studying her work until our pictures start looking this good!


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