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Enough to make you positively giddy, checking out the week’s #travel1k blog rankings; last week they missed all our posts and we were at #442 — and here we are a week later and for the week of November 14th, boom, they found them again and woosh up we go to #135. Can we go for two weeks in a row, guys?

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Mike HoneyTrek (up 1536 places to 111th), Escaping Abroad (up 1333 places to 372nd), and Micki Kosman (up 1291 places to 29th).

We welcome our two new travel bloggers Lori (87th), and Paul Healy (624th) to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs scorecard.

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Stef Travel Photographer, and Matt Matt.

And for our blog to check out this week, here’s another massive jumper, from #175 all the way to #15: @TravelAtWill’s Retired And Travelling!


Please don’t let the “Retired” label make you think we are boring old travellers.  Not yet anyways!  We travel far and wide for about 6 months of the year in multiple trips.  We have probably been to many of the spots on your travel wish list!

We are travel bloggers and photographers – semi retired and travelling everywhere!  Linda is a semi-retired executive consultant with an MBA and Civil Engineering degree.  Referred to in the past as the “Lara Croft of consulting”, Linda has both piloted planes (IFR rating) and jumped out of perfectly good planes (150+jumps).  She continues to enjoy scuba diving with her retired navy diver husband David.  While both Linda and David contribute photos to this blog, David is the pro and the main editor of the pics.

Scuba diving, luxury cruising, chocoholic, sea and sunshine addicts, camera attached and just generally curious!  Join us on our adventures!

Sounds like a pretty good life, just about what we aspire to eventually, yep. Let’s see what kind of things they write … oh, this looks like a fun one:

Lessons Learned From Being Robbed in Madrid

We were seated on the lower level of the cafe with a few other diners. A young couple came down and stood slightly behind our table. It looked like they were waiting for the bathroom. They were dressed in clean clothes and as a couple, set off no alarms for us.

The young woman bent down, sort of like she was tying her shoes. We figured that was when she silently managed to grab my purse without me being aware.

David later was so upset as he actually saw the woman bend down. He never saw her remove my purse and her actions never triggered a concern. He watched them walk out and never noticed if they held my purse or had managed to pack it away in the backpack they were carrying…

You know, we almost feel left out; 30+ years of wandering odd corners of the globe on our own, and we’ve never had anything stolen. Mind you, we’ve been ripped off shamelessly (first thing you do in a new country, get the exchange rate straight!) lost stuff routinely through our own carelessness, and had the occassional interesting experience wandering through “vibrant” areas where police don’t go except in multiple squad cars … but stolen? Never. Of course, now that we’ve put that down, the karma gods will no doubt make sure we’re completely cleaned out first thing in Australia next month, just you watch.

Speaking of Australia, let’s see if they’ve been there … why look, here’s an article on our Great Barrier Reef stop:

Cairns Travel Break

We were headed for a Cairns travel break from Sydney to explore the Great Barrier Reef. We had planned to enjoy a couple of days in the sun and water before heading off to Bali. I knew I was in trouble when 2 days before leaving Sydney, my chest started to rattle. A chest cold was going to make our Cairns travel break a little less fun. But I hoped I could make the Great Barrier Reef before I gave in!

Flying Virgin Australia for both this domestic hop within Australia and then on our onward flight to Bali, provided a stark reminder of the cost of not packing light. Despite trying to check in multiple times online, we were unable to complete the check-in which meant we could not pre-pay for baggage. The on-site baggage fees were about double the online rate and it took some time with a supervisor before we were able to get this on-site premium waived. Flying light remains one of our tips for visiting Australia!

Yeah, and we’ve got a tip for you: If you’re going at Christmas, plan months ahead. We started looking last month, and the only liveaboard with two places left in Cairns during our trip was an overnight on the Rum Runner. We’re sure it’ll be fine and all, but at least having the choice of a longer trip would have been nice. Well, a reason to come back for a longer Coral Sea expedition then!


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So that’s a nice friendly feeling travel blog, more like a travel diary really; and an exceptional job of photography to go along with it. Definitely recommend you check it out!


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